This post will be a short Primark haul and me showing off my brand new Timberland boots!

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Topshop hat – Primark blouse and jacket – Bershka pants – Timberland boots

I am so proud of my new Timberland deering boots that I just wanted to show you guys in hopes you will join the OMG-I-LOVE-YOUR-TIMBERLANDS-Club. Have I persuaded you yet?

The problem with me and new clothing is that I don’t like to wear it immediately. I love to look at it for a while before I debut my new stuff. This is the problem that I am having with these shoes. They are absolute beauties but wearing them will only make them dirty… I usually get over it after a few months… This is definitely one of my weird habits. Everyone has them, right?

I’ve been lurking around for a simple jeans jacket but I never wanted to spend money buying one because it’s just a jeans jacket and not necessarily number one on my wishlist. I am glad I went to the opening of Primark Eindhoven and actually got a chance to buy one for a cheap price. Just paired it with a casual blouse and a hat. Comfy, casual and stylish. I’ve done my job.


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