Into Grunge


I am digging the grunge thing lately. So I thought it was time to revive my creepers and build an outfit around it!

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Topshop hat – H&M jacket – Sparkle & Fade blouse – Zara pants – New Look shoes

I noticed that I don’t wear a lot of colors. When I buy something, I usually go for darker colors. I thought it was time to add some colors in my closet but then again, I probably end up not wearing it.

I might as well embrace my ‘dark side’ and show you how you can style your dark clothing! I am really into the whole grunge trend. I love creepers because they allow me to cheat my height and add 2 extra inches!

Tartan pants are no longer the underdog in the fashion world. It is an absolute musthave and I have caved in a long time ago! The tartan pants not only fit my short legs nicely, they also look good under something more sophisticated!

Grunge: It came and I saw it was good!


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