Christmas outfit!


Even though my family does not celebrate Christmas and I am not much of a Christmas person, I still feel obligated to post something to inspire my readers. Today I will show you the outfit I would wear if I went to a Christmas party

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Sparkle and Fade Blazer – Vero Moda Top – Bershka pants – New Look shoes

I know a lot of girls go for something dressy and preferably a dress that would make the family gaze in amazeness. No… I rather want something dressy and kind of a tomboy touch to make the statement.

I would go for my white blazer with black lapel. Perfect for any kind of festive occassion (wedding perhaps?). The Vero Moda blouse with studs is my go to blouse whenever I want to dress more fancy. Nothing says sophisticated fancy than a blouse with a pearled collar.

Just added some heels because I definitely would want to be the tallest one and everyone can look at how amazing I look (not to sound arrogant or something) and there you have it! My perfect Christmas outfit!


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