SS14 ‘Oh My God’


This is my first post in 2014. I’ve been absent due to exams but that is over and now it is time to enjoy my freedom while it lasts.A new year is all about new opportunities and creating new memories. As for me, 2014 started with a BANG! I am proud to announce Titi + The German Kid‘s new SS14 collection, starting me as one of their models!

C3Maria shirt with cape and everything!C2The Maria design on this body is hand sewn!C5T-shirts with unique quotes

Pictures by Jef Claes

Titi + The German Kid is a Belgian brand known for doing its own thing and not blindly following any trend whatsoever. The designer, Kristien Follon, is also responsible for my superbly fabulous one of a kind bomber jacket in this post.

I remember my sister telling me about this awesome brand and I never would’ve thought that one year later, I would be one of faces of the brand!

The new ‘Oh My God’ SS14 collection is all about Maria, religion, holyness and purity. Just like every collection, Titi + The German Kid offers not only offers exquisite one of a kind pieces but also commercialized pieces in the form of quoted t-shirts. And when I say one of a kind, I mean one of a kind. Where in the world will you find a Maria inspired blouse along with a cape (first picture)?

Now, let us all raise our hands and thank the lord for Titi + The German Kid for designing this heavenly collection! The collection will be released on the 25th of January. Make sure you mark this date in your agenda because you will need one of those pieces in your closet ASAP!


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