Crop tops in the winter


I am taking blogging to a whole new level! I am officially back with some new outfit pictures and testing out my new studio light! Time to show how you can rock crop tops in the winter.

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Carhartt beannie – vintage shirt – River Island crop top – Zara leggings – Vagabond shoes

After hard consideration, I’ve decided to buy a decent dslr camera and a studio light. Results: I’ve got my own mini photo studio! I am still trying to figure out the whole lighting thingy. It’s quite tricky. These photos are shot with my old camera and therefore the pictures are still grainy. Just waiting for my remote control for my dslr camera to arrive.

Anyway time to show you how to rock crop tops in the winter. It’s very simple: Just pair a crop top with something warm over it. I’m wearing this extra large lumberjack shirt that I found in a second hand store. The fabric is actually very thick and I probably wouldn’t even wear it in the summer. But for the winter, it is perfect!

To give off the whole ‘slimmed down’ illusion, I’ve decided to go black crop top on black leggings on black shoes. The shoes are my newest babies! They are chunky, comfortable, fabulous and all the other positive adjectives you can describe to a shoe.

Stay tuned for more outfit pictures with more or less decent lighting! Any tips are WELCOME


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