Clarisonic Aria Madness

DSC_0006If you are remotely occupied with beauty products and facial care, I am sure you have heard about Clarisonic. I am the last person who will spend big bucks on anything beauty related, but this little scrubbing machine is worth the money.

What is this Clarisonic?

DSC_0004 Clarisonic seems to be the hottest thing in the market right now. It is a scrubbing tool that looks like the head of an electric toothbrush but 50 times bigger. When we get rid of the make up on our face, there is still a lot of it on our face that we cannot see with our bare eyes. Clarisonic basically cleans your face to the fullest without damaging it. People who do not wear make up can also use Clarisonic as a scrubbing tool (like me!).

How does the thing work? UntitledClarisonic is very user friendly. Just add some facial cleanser (a small tube is included) on the brush, select the desired speed according to your skin type, follow the timer and voilà, you can wash away! The whole process only takes up one minute of your time. There isn’t any excuse why you would skip washing your face with this promising little tool.

Results?                                                                                                                               I’ve had bad skin problems during my teen years. Even though it is now cleared up (thank god!!), I might still break out..This little baby was a like a piece of heaven handed to me. Before Clarisonic, my face routine was washing it with water. With Clarisonic, I can actually feel that my face has been thorougly cleansed (does that make sense?). If I had five thumbs, I would give this little magic wonder five thumbs up!


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