Not so seasonal trench


Being newly obsessed with long coats, I’ve decided to continue with the previous outfit post and post another one that has entered my closet! I present you my ASOS trench.

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ASOS trench – Bershka pants – Zara boots

Even though it is still winter, I am in process of hoarding spring/summer clothes. Trench coats are known for their thin fabric and this one is no exception. The fabric is way to thin to wear it in the winter but I couldn’t help myself but to show it off. I am just way ahead of the seasons.

This trench has an extra upper layer which does not necessarily add warmth but rather a stylish element. It gives the trench an edge and makes it different from other trenches. Boots were bought in Zara during my last shopping trip during sales. Surprise surprise the boots were from the newest collection… and I bought it… I suck at sale shopping but stores shouldn’t put their new collections next to the sales collection (and yes I am just looking for an excuse for my shopping addiction, whatever).

I am so ready for spring! This trench baby needs to see some sunlight!


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