Minkpink Floral Sweater


FINALLY I got my hands on the Minkpink Floral Sweater! Ever since I saw Jessica Alba (google it!) with that sweater, it was always in the back of my mind. It was one of those items that I really liked but not necessarily wanted. BUT seeing it in its tangible form in front of my eyes, I had to get it and so I bought it.

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Primark blouse – Minkpink sweater – River Island jeans – Vagabond shoes

I love how the mind behind Minkpink works. I actually bought the sweat pants first on sale at Urban Outfitters. That’s right, a swea tpants version of this gorgeous flower sweater actually exists!

The very next day, I went to Urban Outfitters in Amsterdam (I’m from Antwerp) and BAM! The sweater and its gorgeous flower pattern was glaring at me and whispering ‘Buy me’. I listened to the almighty sweater and bought the damn thing! Now I’ve got the perfect chill outfit: From head to toe in a flower pattern.

For this outfit post, I’ve decided to tone it down a notch and paired it with a pair of simple boyfriend jeans and my favorite pair of 90s inspired shoes. I guess 90s is my new thing now because mommy jeans are next on my wishlist!


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