Adidas x Farm



People get their adrenaline rushes from extreme sports or when they are riding a rollercoaster. I get my rushes from seeing the perfect clothing collection. Today my heart skipped a beat with the Adidas x Farm collection.


farm-adidas1 adidas-Originals-x-Farm-Collaboration-Image-2-e1393947153984
Adidas Originals collaborated with Brazil’s Farm Company. The result? A collection filled with Adidas trademarks mixed up with streetstyle that got my heart  pounding non stop ever since I saw a preview at the Media Mania pressroom. I have been waiting for ages for the collection to come out and the wait is almost over.

Adidas x Farm has designed the perfect summer collection. Let me rephrase that… the ultimate summer collection topped with in your face, easy breezy, whimsical prints. The matching print trend is the best ever since sliced bread! I cannot wait to rock that collection during the summer!


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