Maison Minnie Mouse

mm1Doriane Van Overeem – Krjst – Emmanuelle Lebas – Damien Ravn – Minju Kim

When I thought that Disney was only something for children, was I wrong. Not only did Disney capture my childhood days but they managed to come up with something that captured my heart today: Maison Minnie Mouse (Maison Martin Margiela much?).

MMM3_bewerkt-1 MMM2Five young designers who graduated from Belgian fashion schools got the opportunity to design a piece for Minnie Mouse. You might think ‘wtf?’ but the whole concept is actually freakin’ awesome! Each designer stayed true to their style and came up with something in honor of the most beloved fashion muse: Minnie Mouse.

Happen to be in Antwerp and got spare time? The Maison Minnie Mouse installation can be seen until the 20th of April in the Fashion Museum in Antwerp.


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