Monica Harmony x Style Bubble: Meeting Susie Bubble!

1 copyAs seen in my last post, I worked during the show of the Fashion Academy of Antwerp. One of the highlights of the evening was meeting Susie Lau aka Susie Bubble aka Style Bubble. She was one of the judges and was present during the show.

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I turned on my fan girl mode because I had to have a picture with her! I made it my mission to immediately approach her when the show hit its break. My inner ninja allowed me to maneuver through the crowd and I finally approached her. To my surprise, no one else seemed to ‘stalk’ her for pictures. Maybe it’s just a blogger thing? Anyway, mission completed because I got to meet Susie Bubble! Just two Chinese girls casually talking, It amazes me how humble she was! It made my day!

Her advice for ‘noob’ bloggers: ‘You need to distinguish yourself and specialize your blog.’ Basically, don’t go blogging about this, that and everything. Choose something you truly care about and blog about that. YES SUSIE! Mentally noted!


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