Favorites Friday: MCM, my kind of luxury brand

3If there is one thing that I do not understand, it is why those Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors bags seems to be so popular among youngsters these days. No offense to those brands that have comfortably established themselves in the fashion world, I just do not get the whole fuss about it. If there is one luxury brand that has stolen my heart, it must be MCM.


Founded in 1976, the German brand MCM (Modern Creation Munchen) crafts the most stunning leather goods. Knowing the brand from a while back, their new fall/winter collection has gotten heart beating wild.


The first moment I laid my hands on one of those bags, the feeling of the leather completely gave me a fashiongasm. MCM has all kinds of bags for different type of people. Despite being a luxury brand, MCM is not afraid to design all-over-the-top-studded backpacks.

I am absolutely in love with this brand. Time to save enough money to buy me one of those babies to go through life in style!


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