Goodbye Summer Vibes


I AM LOVING FALL COLLECTIONS! At times, I do not mind that the cold because I am totally digging cosy, warm sweaters at the moment!

276 275274H&M sweater – Bershka pants – Vagabond shoes – Zara bag

For years, I have though that yellow was not my color. Asian tend to have a yellow undertone in their skin color and wearing yellow is somewhat a no no (or so I’ve experienced). Little that I know, that different types of yellow really do make a difference!

I have indulged myself with some sweaters. I am basically 100% in a fall mood and I have officially left the summer vibes behind me. Luckily, the fall collections in different stores seemed to agree with my mood and have welcomed me and my wallet with open arms. I have a love-hate relationship with H&M. At times I am like ‘no no hell no’ but their new collections have made my eyes sparkle! I have laid my eyes on this yellow sweater and I haven’t regretted it one bit.

Since I have abandoned jeans completely, it is a challenge to find pants. I seem to wear a lot of black pants but they give a whole other vibe to an outfit which I like more than wearing jeans. High waist pants silently became my BFF. With me hoarding crop tops, high waist pants are the perfect solution to keep wearing those tops throughout the fall.

Have you seen some great fall collections in stores?


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