Surviving stock sales aka scoring my Kenzo shirt

I am an absolute sucker for stock sales. I get into a crazy obsessed maniac mode and I’ll do whatever it takes to be the first one standing in line. Here’s the story of a crazy broke blogger who managed to score a Kenzo shirt at a stock sale.



Kenzo shirt – Bershka pants – New Look creepers

Hunting and Collection, a super fun designer store in Brussels (Belgium), was having a stock sale several months ago. Brands such as Kenzo, Christian Wijnants, MSGM etc were included. Needless to say, the broke blogger in me had sparkles in her eyes when finding out about that stock sale.

I hopped on the train, arrived in Brussels, walked for about 10 min and there it was: Hunting and Collecting in full glory waiting for me to devour its stock sale. I peeked through the window and I knew exactly where the clothing racks with my sizes were. I strategized every move in my head aka CHARGE when the doors open. Like a mad bull, I did.

My strategy has always been: grab everything that catches your eye. When you’ve got everything, sit a side and then decide on what you want to keep. I eventually grabbed a shirt by Kenzo without noticing. The print and the fit of that shirt was simply breathtaking. Boxy shirt and noisy prints? Can I get a hell yes! And so, I happily went back home with my fine purchase in my hands.


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