Chilly Spring


Looking back at this outfit, how hard am I messing up the seasons? Is it just me or does this outfit seem like a fall outfit? I wasn’t specifically aiming at spring either but oh wells. Let’s call this the perfect outfit for chilly spring!

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Rodebjer long blazer – H&M top – Zara trousers – Forever 21 shoes

I am an absolute sucker for patterned pants these days! I own 234345 pairs of black trousers but nowadays I’m getting sick and tired of them. I’m really loving the square patterned pants and I am slowly growing into the striped trousers but not 100% loving them.

Too be honest, I haven’t wore these ZARA pants in ages. I have no idea why I left them in my closet collecting dust because I am loving the fit! Not too tight, not too loose. Perfect balance! And together with my long blazer, they are like two peas in a pod!

Patterned trousers, yay or nay?


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