Perfect pair of jeans

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Trying to add more color in my outfit is a bit more difficult than I thought. Even though it’s not rocket science, my instinct always goes to dark clothing. However, just swapping my usual black trousers for some high waist blue jeans makes an entire difference! I’ll show you!

Urban Outfitters sweater, jeans, backpack - Nike shoes
Urban Outfitters sweater, jeans, backpack – Nike shoes

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One key item that I absolutely had to buy, was a pair of blue jeans. 95% of the time, I wear black trousers. And I’ve got tons of them. I’m quite the hassle when it comes to jeans. Not only the fit but the color has to be perfect. Finally found the perfect one in sales in Urban Outfitters. High waist? Check. Skinny? Check. Perfect shade of blue? Check. Check. Check. Thought that I might as well buy two pairs, and I did.

Topping it off with a cropped pink sweater. The front has this intricate cross-over part making it a cut-out sweater. I’ve been eyeing this sweater from Urban Outfitters for quite a while now. The price always kind of threw me off but when I saw this baby in sales, I jumped to grab the last size medium.


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