And what rhymes with crappy weather? That’s right, sweater! I am not hating on sunny weather but my fashion game is just below par when it comes to hot temperatures. Rain and basically crappy weather allows me to go crazy with layers and sweaters!


Lazy Oaf sweater – Bershka pants – Zara bag – H&M shoes

I better enjoy being young while it lasts! Being able to go wild with eyecatching sweaters is what I do best. For that, I turn to Lazy Oaf. Three words about that brand: London, whimsical, freakishlyawesome

Lazy Oaf is all about fun and fashion. The best thing about wearing that brand in Belgium: I don’t have to stress about running into someone who wears the same thing. With the sweater being pink (my new color obsession) and deliciously cropped, it is all right up my alley!

Pairing it with my go to see through bag and cut out boots, I’m all set to go!


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