Last days of Summer


It’s official. Let’s say goodbye to those warm summer days and say hello to rain rain rain. The weather has been quite the rollercoaster ride. We were blessed (or cursed) with great weather the last few days. There is no better way to end the summer vacation than with a great summer outfit!

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H&M Hat – Light Before Dark top – Lazy Oaf shorts – Converse shoes

You have or have not noticed this but my fashion style comes in phases. Right now I am obsessing about hats. I love wearing beanies in the winter but I’ve never carried my love for hats through to summer… Until now. H&M has been blessing us with its gorgeous hat collection and I’ve strolling around the store like a mad hatter laughing madly at every single hat I can get in my hands.

This new found love with probably turn into a slight obsession ending up with me hoarding hats. But a girl can never get too many hats, right? (You can just agree to make me feel better)


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