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Scandinavian brands have been on my radar for quite a while now. One thing I’ve noticed with scandinavian bloggers: Besides being amazingly gorgeous, their styles are pretty damn simple but they managed to work their magic and turn it into something that will turn heads.

So when Samsoe & Samsoe announced that they were having a stocksale in Antwerp, I channelled my inner Scandinavian blogger (…) and decided to go for it!

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Samsoe & Samsoe jacket – H&M t-shirt – Bershka pants – Vagabond shoes

Going to stocksales seems to be the story of my life. But seriously, I work fulltime and being able to score a bargain once or twice is way more worth it than going shopping and paying the full price. I get hyped up when a stocksale is coming closer to its date. To prepare myself mentally, a list of must grab items are stored in my mind. For the upcoming winter season, I didn’t really need anything. Yet, I did bought items.

I ended up going home with three items: a jacket and two sweaters. But I sold the sweaters to a friend of mine. TIP: Don’t get lazy during stocksales and try the damn items on. Basically, I’ve kept the jacket which is perfect for the fall! It has this Chanel fitted look to it and is made out of some white dotted fabric. My description sucks but the most important thing is that it fits like a glove and I am loving it!


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