Going Nowhere


Exciting things happening over here! One of my favorite Belgian brands Titi + The German Kid and I are teaming up to bring you delicious streetwear eye candy! First up, comfy sweaters!



Titi + The German Kid sweater & sweatshirtH&M Helsinki hat – Bershka pants – Vagabond boots

Founded by Kristien Follon , Titi + The German Kid embodies anything that is fun, stunning and streetwear-ish! Its newest collection NOWHERE KIDS is all about everything and nothing. Basically a state of mind that all of us have felt before. Inspired by traveling, being lost, exploring, searching and finding, Kristien has managed to create a fall/winter collection with basic pieces but also includes some serious eye catchers!

Today, I’m just my lazy self and the best way to display that in my outfit is wearing a simple sweater and boots! Comfort, functionality and sporty are the key words today. Nothing too much, nothing too fancy, just casually layered.

Let me tell you, working in the fashion/culture industry does have its perks regarding personal style. I can go as crazy as I want without people turning heads because my colleagues are used to anything weird but wearing sweaters is not neccessarily seen as something bad. While you might think that I need to dress up everyday to go to work, in reality comfort is highly appreciated! This winter, I could care less what people think and I’m going to bath myself in sweaters!


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