Tunnel Vision


I’m always quite dumbfound when people want to live or work abroad. Many people I know actually want to get away from Antwerp, Belgium and go for an adventure abroad. Me? I haven’t had that desire yet. Why would I when I keep discovering great things about the fashion capital of Belgium? For today’s outfit, I picked up the binoculars and saw nothing but greatness!

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Designer Remix coat – Titi + The German Kid sweater – Uniqlo pants – Monki Shoes

Photos by Maya Bogaert (new website coming soon!)

Living in Antwerp has its perks: It’s the fashion capital of Belgium, it has a lot of history, the city is amazing etc. But living here for so long, allows you to easily miss the beauty of the city. I kind of take it for granted. The pedestrian tunnel is a way for pedestrians get on the other side of Antwerp. I’m twenty something years old and I’ve never walked through it… I never even realized that it’s actually quite a perfect place to shoot outfits. You’ve got the perfect backdrop for bokeh and there isn’t much background distraction.

First time I’m wearing my Uniqlo pants! Uniqlo has finally opened a store in Belgium and it’s absolutely amazing. I’ve been quite iffy about it because the collection in the Hong Kong stores really let me down, but the new collections are surprisingly awesome! Make sure to visit the store!


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