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Working out can be quite a hassle. That inner struggle of contemplating whether to work out or not is something that I am absolutely familiar with! One thing that helps me to get off my lazy bum and go work out is wearing stylish sportswear! Calzedonia has come up with a sportswear collection that simply does the trick!



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The struggle is real

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Some of you may not know that I’m quite the workout junkie, but I am. About two years ago, I drastically changed my lifestyle. Going from 10 McDonalds loyalty cards (not kidding) to health freak. I’m naturally skinny but that does not mean that I don’t have the right to work out. Actually I’m working out to gain muscle weight and so far so good!

Calzedonia has a new fitness line and it’s all about stylish functionality with breathable leggings, nylon skirts and shorts, and comfortable bras. Having stylish sportwear really motivates me to work out. While some might think that joggings and hoodies are the way to go, I agree, but nothing beats eye-soothing tight leggings, cute tops and freakin’ awesome shoes!

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