OBEY Worldwide Propaganda


SAMSUNG CSCOBEY, a clothing brand that everyone who is remotely into street fashion knows. What started as street art 1989 and grown into a worldwide street art campaign, OBEY has embraced its success and is now literally everywhere from pop culture, to commercial marketing to political messaging. The brand has been so hyped up that I’ve tried to stay away from it until it caught up on me. Today on the blog, a not-so-obey-obey sweater!


OBEY sweater – Bershka trousers – Vagabond shoes

Pictures by Astrid Nieuwborg

You probably know OBEY from its infamous vector street art design or the bold letters across snapbacks worn by literally millions of youngsters. While stores such as Urban Outfitters have made the brand extremely well-known among the crowd, online stores such as On The Block sells not so typical OBEY clothing.

Founded by the most kind person I’ve ever mailed with, Josine Michels is a diehard streetstyle fanatic selling hard to find streetwear goodies to girls across Europe in her On The Block webshop. Basically, she has got our back when it comes to streetwear!

This is also where I got my two-toned OBEY sweater from. To be honest, I didn’t even notice what was written on my sweater until someone literally asked me. For me it was all about the unusual beige-purple color combination in the shape of a baggy sweater.

GREAT NEWS: Using the discount code MONICAHARMONY15, you can enjoy a 15% discount on your order on the webshop!

Totally random intermezzo: You’ve probably noticed (or literally cannot help but notice) that my hair is red/dark pink. Double bleached-red goodness. You hate it or you love it! More about that in the next post!

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