Belgian Corner: Meet Wim Bruynooghe and his SS16 collection

Wim Bruynooghe, SS16

Wim Bruynooghe. A designer that I’ll always associate with the powerful dress that he closed his graduation collection with in Antwerp, 2013. I was actually backstage when they put the plastic-y dress on the model. I had to hold my breath for a while. The blue dress was so fragile yet impeccably stunning. The graduation show was actually the first time that I realized that fashion is much more than the superficial side. Yes, it is beautiful to look at but the work and story that goes behind the fabric makes it so much intriguing and addictive!

Wim Bruynooghe Antwerpse Academie - 4th Year Antwerp, Belgium // Photo by Etienne Tordoir
Wim Bruynooghe – Antwerpse Academie, 4th Year – Antwerp, Belgium // Photo by Etienne Tordoir

Two years later he now has started his own label and has released his spring summer 2016 HEART collection based upon his graduation collection! Staying true to his signature style of diagonal decoupes and pleats that create a bandage effect, tudoresque corsets and the use of rich supple jersey, his new SS2016 collection is about the constant play between structure and drape, gunmetal, grey jerseys and cotton or denims in outspoken colors.


Seeing this collection, all the nostalgia comes running back to me. This is what fashion is about. It’s about creating memories and reminding you why love this form of art even when it may be superficial.


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