How To Prep Holiday Dinner in the Laziest Manner


In my first HOW TO, I’ve talked about glamming yourself up for the holidays in the laziest way possible and today I am back with another one: How to prep Holiday Dinner in the laziest manner! My blogger squad and I have already tested the whole stress free NYE dinner!


First of all, the most important thing when organizing a dinner: Food. Can you channel your inner Jamie Oliver and cook something spectacular? Great! Want to avoid the stress yet impress? Opt for some catering. All you have to is go get the food and warm  it up in the oven. The best thing is that someone already cooked it for you and you just have to wait for the timer to go off at your home! May I suggest the assortment of food Albert Heijn that has to offer? Their pasta is seriously the bomb!


Second, the table. A table has to invite you to sit down and gorge everything that comes across your plate. Fancy tables are really the way to go during Christmas. But a general philosophy that also applies in beauty and fashion: Less is more. The only things you need are crispy clean plates, glasses and some candles. Serax offers some great tableware. You might as well invest in something that you will use over and over again.


Blogger bunch having too much to drink: Dries, Celine, Jan, Jon, Julie, Lise, Charlotte, Anouk and Lori

Last but not least: drinks aka getting everybody drunk. Three types of drinks you need: Booze, soda and water. May I suggest getting your guests drunk and making them not really care about what you serve them. Freixenet cava is the way to go!

What are your tips and tricks for Christmas dinner?

Photos by Jeffrey Calant – Location: Plein Publiek