Belgian Corner: CAPARA

AW15 – Photo by Cathleen Wolfs


Next in line: CAPARA. Sisters Vera and Olivera Capara were raised in Germany and came to Antwerp to study fashion at the Antwerp Fashion Academy where they eventually graduated from in 2000.



Their incredible fashion resume including working for Dries Van Noten, MaIson Martin Margiela, Raf simons and Delvaux, made sure that the sisters were well prepared for their own fashion line that was founded in 2009.

Their esthetical vision of embodying innovative yet elegant designs, embracing the principles of progress has made their collction unique and a true eye candy to look at.



Capara has participated in several competitions including the International Woolmark Prize. This was the moment when butterflies kicked in and I knew that CAPARA has captured my heart. The cut, prints, silhouette everything about their clothing seems familiar yet innovative. The attention to creating interesting shapes makes them a true competitor in the fashion world!

International Woolmark Prize