Seaside shore


One of the baddest decisions of 2015: Getting my ass frozen off at the seaside. While I do enjoy the lazying around on the beach, wearing a big winter coat with it simply doesn’t do the trick. I have learned my lesson but I’ve also managed to wear my new ASOS winter coat!


ASOS coat – H&M beanie – Adidas sweater – Bershka trousers – Vagabond shoes – Zara backpack

So long, farewell 2015 – hello 2016! Starting the new year off with my hands cold while typing this but I’m all good. I have tons of New Year’s resolution such as getting back into shape, wear more colors and bla bla bla bla. But one thing I really want to achieve is being more serious with fashion. I love blogging and taking pictures seeing my style evolve but in the end, it still is superficial. I tried to break away from that with my blog by introducing Belgian fashion talents in my Belgian Corner blogposts but I need something besides this blog and I sincerely hope that 2016 will be the year for me.

On to the outfit. It’s cold and I’m wearing a coat. There isn’t much more to say besides that this oversized military coat is perfection. In the words of Rachel Zoe ‘I die’. In some way, it makes me look like a Japanese tourist wandering around and being amazed with everything. Not a look that I was necessarily going for but I’ll take it.

What are your winter staples?


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