Belgian Corner: a.KNACKFUSS

a.KNACKFUSS a.knackfuss

One of the the first symptoms when I fall in love with a designer is the adrenaline kick and the racing of the heart when I first see their clothing. I obsessively start digging online stores, hoping that my budget allows me to buy one or two striking pieces.

And when I finally got it, I simply just stare at it. Putting it in my closet and taking it back out, just to catch one more glimpse of it before I go to bed.

It’s my version of a bedtime story. This is what a.KNACKFUSS did to my sense of sanity.

Left SS16 – Right FW15


Alice Knackfuss better known as the designer from a.KNACKFUSS was trained as a custom tailor first and then took a plunge in the Fashion Design Academy in Munich where she eventually graduated from. From there on, she worked in the design departments of Kris Van Assche and Ute Ploier. After winning the Diesel Award, Alice moved to Belgium where she created her first capsule collection of vintage garments for the ‘Les Petits Riens’ charity fashion show in Brussels in collaboration with Simon-Pierre Toussaint. Finally in 2011 she started her own line which has been seasonally presented during major fashion weeks.