Paola Sweater


Why should this week be any different from last week? Or the week before? For past blogposts I’ve been wearing clothing from a Belgian designer after another. This has created a pattern on my blog but this is truly my new identity: Supporting Belgian fashion. And why shouldn’t I? These talents have gotten my heart racing over and over again so I might as well cave in and buy whatever I like. This week: Paola sweater (AW14) by Doriane Van Overeem!

Doriane Van Overeem sweater – H&M trousers – ASOS boots – Zara bag

I got to know Doriane Van Overeem as a brand when I visited an event in Brussels, Belgium when her collection was hanging gloriously off the ceiling. The Paolo sweater immediately caught my eye!

Print, check. Oversized, check. Belgian, check. Purchase? Check, check check.

While I’m absolutely not trying to be a fashion racist (favoring Belgians over others), there is something about the Belgian aesthetics that is truly appealing. And I simply cannot turn my head away when it comes to talent and the ability of designers of turning fabrics into amazing pieces.

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