To Splurge or Not To Splurge?


This week, I’m setting aside the bright colors and crazy patterns and I’m going for sober comfort. Basically, I’m just finding a reason to show off my Christian Wijnants jacket!

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Untitled-2 copy

Untitled-4 copy

Christian Wijnants jacket – Zara turtleneck – H&M trousers – Nike shoes

To fashion enthusiasts, Christian Wijnants, Belgian knit master, should be more than familiar. I struggled a bit with my mind when buying this jacket. My mind said no but my heart and budget said yes.

Could I have found this jacket in any other fast fashion shop? Probably. But the fact that I would be supporting a Belgian designer and that the jacket is probably super duper well-made, pushed me over my doubting edge.

I am absolutely not against stores like Zara and H&M. Have you seen my blog? It’s filled with clothing from those stores but once in a while, my budget allows me to support local designers and I am more than happy to splurge a little.


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