In Belgium, there is this wonderful time of the year where Belgian designers are selling their stock for the lowest price ever. It is also that time of the year where I go absolutely mental and go into ‘shopaholic’ mode. It’s that time of the year where I parade my stocksale goodies on my blog. Today is that time of the year!

PSX_20160423_142700 copyPSX_20160423_142243 copy2Devon Halfnight Leflufy jacket – Adidas sweater – Uniqlo trousers – Zara bag – Comme des Garcons pouch – Nike Shoes

What is this stocksale thing I go crazy for? Basically, every designer has a certain amount of stock each year that they weren’t able to sell. This stock is piled on and unleashed to the public two times a year for the most glorious prices ever.

Picture the movie scene of Shopaholic where Rebecca went wild over those Pucci boots. It’s somewhat the same but in a more polite manner with Belgian designers.

Each year I have a budget and each year I go over it: symptom of shopaholics but I did go home with two wonderful jackets! First up, this gorgeous little number by Devon Halfnight Leflufy (pronounced as ‘lefloufy’). Devon has always had a special place in my heart ever since I saw his graduation collection in Antwerp. I’ve been following him for quite a while now. He designs menswear BUT I am an absolute sucker for wearing men’s clothing. In my mind menswear equals to unisex clothing. The jacket is pretty simplistic but the quality is super.