K-Swiss Comeback


Trends come and go. We’ve witnessed the revival of the crop top, chokers, ‘70s flare pants, what’s next? I present you the Tongue Twister of K-Swiss!




Urban Outfitters choker & top – K-Swiss shoes – Topshop trousers – Daniel Wellington watch

One thing I remember very well when I was about 10 years old, I really wanted a pair of K-Swiss sneakers but my mother wisely never wanted to buy a pair for me (what 10-year old needs super hip sneakers?)!

Fast forward 15 years, I finally got my pair of K-Swiss. Better late than never!

The Tongue Twister of K-Swiss was super popular back in 2000 and it has made a comeback this year! These classic shoes got a bang-on update but still exude old school. Made out of premium white leather, the shoes are pretty much suitable with every occasion.

Worried about everyone wanting to buy a pair of K-Swiss? Only 40 pairs exist in the world so chances of you running into someone wearing them is pretty slim! Grab yours now!


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