The Style Block

Sometimes I wish I had different things to say than referring my outfit to the weather. Today is no different though… When it’s cold, I wear long sleeves and when it’s hot, I don’t. But enough about the weather and more about this cute little number from 3Suisses.



SAMSUNG CSC3suisses blouse – Bershka trousers – UO shoes

Photography by Julie Geilenkirchen

There are times when you want to stand out as a fashion blogger and go full style throttle. Other times you want comfort and not go through every closet turning your room into a war zone. Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of those moments.

Writing a blogpost comes in different phases. First you got to figure out your outfit, then actually shoot it, edit it and write about it. However, what if you can’t even pass the first phase? Lately it’s difficult shooting outfits. There is this symptom that newbie bloggers buy stuff for the sake of showing it on the blog.  I admit it, I did that when I first started out. Then I just bought clothing for the sake of ‘it’s effing pretty’.

Now I’m in a phase where I don’t actually need any more clothing. I present you, the fashion block (similar to a writer’s block but superficial).

Okay don’t get me wrong. My wallet is somewhat thankful (unless I spend money on food) but my mind is blank. Any suggestions for style inspiration?


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