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2016 is my year of exploring and traveling around. No more sitting on my butt and delaying everything. Thankfully, Palladium agrees with me! After a brief hiatus, Palladium re-launches with an urban explorer ethos and modernized construction techniques. Basically they have updated its manufacturing process building a new line of boots for modern day explorers. Bear with me and you can win a pair of Palladium boots of your own!



River Island jacket – Levi’s shirt – Bershka trousers – Palladium shoes

Okay so here is the deal: I just turned twenty-something-ahem-five. I still am super young even though my heart skips a beat every year my birthday is around the corner (no offense to people who are older and reading this. It’s just the way I feel). Half a year ago, I came to the realization that I should not waste my time saving, saving and saving money. The moment is now and now I am still young enough to enjoy travelling without my legs collapsing every 5 minutes. You can say I am in my YOLO phase, wanting (and probably will) to travel around, channeling my inner Rihanna (did you see the amount of money she spend in a strip club?) spending money like it is nobody’s business (and it isn’t). Thankfully Palladium helped me in my first steps to explore.

With my pink Palladiums (yes, pink y’all) I marched up to the airport and went to Manchester. Okay not the sexiest city alive but if you have a full time job and a limited amount of vacation, you got to book some city trips in the weekend.

Best of all it was the weekend of Parklife Festival where shaking my butt to Flume and Major Lazer was an option so I did not hesitate to go there



The first day I went full English. My ‘English’ jacket (just a plaided one but whatever, you get my point) was my best travel companion. Until Mother Nature screwed me over and decided it was time to let it rain… a lot. But as any well-prepared blogger, I got a second outfit (even a third and a fourth one for my 2 day city trip). Switched my pink Palladiums for my absolute favorite blue pair and accidently went for a full blue outfit. Work with what you got when it rains, I guess.

Onto the good stuff! I can giveaway two pairs of Palladiums to two of my dearest readers.

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  3. Winners will be personally contacted on 29th June!

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