Levi’s Tailor Shop


Nothing beats having made something yourself. Levi’s allows you to customize your Levi’s items at festivals this summer. The next stop on its tour? Pukkelpop!


Topshop trousers – Levi’s jacket – Nike shoes

Levi’s, an iconic brand known for its denim in all shapes and forms. I’m a sucker for vintage 501 Levi’s shorts but there is something about their jackets that always have caught my eye. For this winter, I’m eyeing a particular trucker jacket with a wool collar. Since we are officially still a few months away from winter, this summer Levi’s denim jacket will do the trick!

Levi’s are going around festivals in Belgium offering people the opportunity to customize their Levi’s items for free!

Seriously, how can I say no to that? I had envisioned the back of my jacket filled with cool dorky patches but I was limited to a few less. However, nothing beats a DIY-project, right? So right now I’m on the hunt for some dope-ass patches to stick on the back of this jacket. You bet I’ll post the results on my Instagram.  But for now, I’ll have to settle down for this.