Sarcastic Rants: 3 Reasons to Avoid Working Out Comfortably


Working out in the most comfortable way possible is WAY OVERRATED. There is nothing better than feeling discomfortable while sweat drips in cracks you never knew existed. Here are three reasons why ‘working out’ and ‘comfortable‘ simply don’t go together.

Triumph Triaction Sportsbra
  1. Sportsbra: Your chest area staying in place.

Why should one invest in a quality sportsbra? Nothing worse than your boobs staying in place while jogging, am I right? It’s better to let it all hang loose and let it move freely while working out. Plus, your boobs and your mind will thank you later for its sagging capacity.

Nike Pro Leggings
  1. Leggings: Itchy suffocating fabric

Fabric that breaths while working out? It’s an urban legend. I do not want to get caught in a pair of Nike Pro leggings that lets my legs breathe while my face is doing its sweating thing. Nope nope, itchy and suffocating leggings are the way to go!

Sony Wireless Extra Bass Headphones
  1. Headphones: the Wireless kind

Nothing better than being all tangled up in wires while you are working out. I love the feeling of getting caught up in wires of my headphones. Nothing better than pausing your workout trying to untangle that thing! Wireless Sony Headphones? No thanks.