Dr. Martens DM Lite


Dr. Martens, known for its sturdy classic boots made of premium leather. Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing can replace these iconic boots. However, Dr. Martens cleverly came up with an new style. It has the same shoe vibe as the classic 1460 but there is a twist!

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Dr. Martens shoes – Monki kimono – H&M trousers and top – Urban Outfitters choker

So what are the deal with these shoes? It’s no secret that you usually have to wear out your Dr. Martens boots before you can comfortably walk around in ’em. These DM Lite boots saves you the hassle! First of all the DM Lite Newton is, as the name suggests, much lighter than it’s 1460 predecessor!

The essential DNA of a Dr. Martens boots stayed the same but the leather material that it’s made of is lightweight, comfortable and water resistant! 

Now, I courageously wore these boots to work and I can assure you that they are comfortable AF! I’m surprisingly amazed how the boots did not drag my feet down. So this fall you will be seeing me wearing these boots everywhere!