Sarcastic Rants: Four reasons why you should not get you glasses at Grand Optical.


I remember that I absolutely wanted glasses when I was 10 years old. Even back then I thought it would be a great accessory. However, time have passed and I was extremely grateful that I actually don’t need glasses to see well or I don’t need to fumble around with contact lenses… until blurry vision hit me. I thought that I might as well make the best out of a sucky situation so I stopped by Grand Optical, a store in Antwerp that offers optical services and sell (sun) glasses, to see what was going on with my eyes.


  1. Testing your eyes in the store

The staff in Grand Optical surprisingly are all qualified to test your vision. Grand Optical actually invests in training their staff. Nothing worse than a qualified person testing your vision right? And worst of all, I am saving all this time because not only did they test my eyes, I could immediately choose my frames. Like seriously, who has time to save time? Not okay.

  1. The staff is too great

The service Grand Optical offered was actually an eye-opener. The guy who helped me (shout out to Johan) was the friendliest and the most helpful staff member I have ever met. However, I like store clerks being bitchy, not helpful and who look at you with a stink face and are being in a bad mood. Bottomline, the service was too great.


  1. Too many choices of glasses

Chanel, Dior, Bvlgari,… You name it, they have it. Grand Optical offers more frames than any other shop in Belgium. At one point, I did have like ten frames on my tray until I had to narrow it down. BUT who wants to have unlimited choices? Who wants to be able to compare frames? Who wants to have more than one option? Nope, not me.

  1. The service is too perfect

Being indecisive is sometimes my second persona and choosing the right frame for my face (I am super-duper square-faced) definitely brought out some doubts when choosing my glasses. However, the staff gave me some great advice when choosing the right frame for the shape of my face, and I actually learned a lot during my visit at Grand Optical. But like seriously, who does that? Which store offers this kind of service where the staff is helpful and actually knows what they are talking about? Who in their right mind likes a great store service? Not. Cool. At. All.

DISCLAIMER: In case you have not noticed, I was being sarcastic. Grand Optical is actually a great store with great staff who have helped me tremendously. Make sure to visit one of the stores!