KENZO X H&M. Hype has been planted, collection pieces have been revealed. What’s next? It’s no secret that H&M has this marvelous marketing team behind the brand. With each designer collaboration, the hype gets bigger and the crowd gets crazier (do I have to remind you what happened at Balmain?).


Kenzo x H&M sweater – ASOS boots – Bershka trousers

Pictures by Anouk Meets Fashion

Kenzo is known for its prints and the whole shebang around it. And when H&M revealed the whole collection, there is no other way but to nod ‘yes’ because the collection screams Kenzo. When the first two silhouettes were released, I could not help but looked wide-eyed: Zebra prints, everywhere. I admit I was not fond of it, AT ALL.

However with the whole collection being released and giving it a second shot and setting my zebra print disgust aside, there are actually some AWE-MAZING pieces.

What is even better? I got to shoot with one my favorite pieces and have a first-hand feel of the collection. While some of you may have concerns whether the quality is fantastic or not, I can tell you that the sweater has a sturdy feel to it meaning that it does not feel cheap at all. One surprising thing that I did not notice on the pictures were the zipper details on the sleeves.

So what about you? Are you going to queue or sit this one out?