It’s amazing to witness how my taste in clothing drastically changed. I remember being a 15 year old teenager scouring stores trying to find black clothing items, avoiding color at all times and especially avoiding pink. Somewhere along the way, pink became my new favorite color to wear and this time, I took it to a next level. I present you the bubblegum PONYCLUB sweater.




PONYCLUB sweater – Bershka trousers – Sacha shoes – Rosefield watch

Pictures by Anouk Meets Fashion

PONYCLUB is actually a hairdresser in Antwerp that released a clothing collection. I am an absolute sucker for sweaters and I was trying to find a bubblegum sweater after I saw SUPREME releasing a bubblegum sweater but quickly sold out because Kylie Jenner wore it and posted it on her Instagram account…

Then along came PONYCLUB and its galore of pink hoodies and sweaters. SOLD.

Since I bought the sweater in a larger size, the baggy fit looks super-duper oversized but luckily it is how I like my clothing: not fitted with a boyish touch. I may have made things worse by wearing a pair of boyfriend jeans BUT seriously who gives a fcuk. Comfy as fcuk, I say!


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