Stockholm Vibes feat. If x Weekday


If you get the chance to visit Stockholm, even if it’s for one day, would you say no? Stockholm has been on my travel list for quite a while now and when Weekday offered me the opportunity to travel to Stockholm for their If x Weekday collection presentation, I definitely shouted YASSSS.


ASOS coat – Edited sweater – Bershka trousers – Vagabond shoes – H&M beannie

Pictures by Paulien

What is this If x Weekday collection?

Well, Weekday has teamed up with insurance company If to bring awareness to safety at night. Yes, it sounds vague but it’s not. The collection speaks volumes when you hear the reason behind their collaboration. Apparently reflectors reduce the risk of being hit by a car, by half! This exclusive accessories collection is packed with reflectors to show how safety can be functional and stylish.

If x Weekday cap – Zara sweater – Bershka trousers – Monki boots

To actually illustrate the whole purpose of the collection, Weekday invited us to a haunted house in Gröna Lund, an amusement park in Stockholm. Since being a scaredy cat is one of my many identities, you can imagine that I was quite the nervous wreck, cussing at the fact that it took place in a haunted house. However, I was quite surprised how well the collection came to life in the dark. The whole purpose of using a haunted house as a location for a collection presentation finally hit me. It was downright ingenious and damn clever!


Since Stockholm is part of Northern Europe, you probably can imagine how much colder it is compared to the rest of Europe. Hence the packed up winter outfit!