Winter prepping with Bench


Bitching about the weather has become a daytime hobby. Bitching about the weather also decides what I will be wearing that particular day. When I opened the newspaper, there it was, in big bold letters ‘WINTER IS COMING’. Luckily Bench has got my back for the winter and I’ll show you how.


Bench coat & sweater – Anine Bing jeans – Urban Outfitters shoes – Zara backpack

There are no doubt positive and negative things about cold temperatures. The only thing positive I can think of is ‘winter equals layers’ and it starts with a decent warm coat.

One thing that you cannot possibly miss is the fact that ski coats have become a massive trend again. You know; those big poofy, shapeless coats that keep you warm. These types of coats always bring on pure nostalgia because I used to wear nothing but ski coats. With trends reviving every second, I again jumped on the bandwagon and got this pretty little number by Bench, a UK-based brand known for its modern streetwear. ‘Oversized’ is truly my second nature and this ‘shapeless’ coat is really right up my alley.

Now, I might have overdone it by pairing this coat with a pair boyfriend jeans from Anine Bing but in my mind it somehow works. Boyfriend jeans are the best types of jeans to layer with. I am talking about adding leggings or thermal underwear just to keep you warm.

What are your winter essentials?