Bright and Yellow


My name is Monica and I am addicted to sweaters. Big whoop, no secret there. I  am the first one to admit that I’ve got an addiction and shopping is one of them (although I’ve been a good girl lately and resisted some urges). While my sweater collection is growing and growing, I do try to invest in sweaters that have an edgy side to them. Behold, the cropped sweater!



H&M sweater and hat – Bershka trousers – Vagabond shoes

As I said, I am throwing anything casual that I wore during the week also on the blog and this includes the bright yellow sweater. Although I am trying to justify my casual outfits on the blog, the more I look at the sweater, the more I remember why I bought it in the first place.

First, it’s deliciously cropped. Second, the sleeves are goddamn seventies-ish. And third, it’s bright yellow.

As you noticed, I dyed my hair again. But no worries, I am not damaging my hair or anything. It’s simply a wash out color by l’Oreal which basically allows me to have a different color every month since the color washes out (this aqua color might be a bit trickier). So stay tuned for more bright fun colors in the upcoming months!