How to Achieve Your 2017 Workout Goals ft. Hunkemöller


2017 is happening and one of the cliché resolutions that millions of people try to hold on to is: working out, losing weight; basically anything that involves feeling good when summer skips by. I, myself, am one of those millions people who try to achieve their workout goals and today I’ll exactly tell you how determined I am!

1. Invest in kickass clothing


Investing in workout clothing that makes me think “Hell yes, I look fine” is one of the reasons that makes me work out. Fashion and sports go hand in hand.

I treat fashion the same way as I treat working out: look good and you’ll feel good.

Lately Hunkemöller is slaying the game with their new #HKMX collection. Not only does their sportswear provide comfort, they are also great to look at! Seriously, what more do I need than a pair of decent leggings, a sports bra with great support and a kickass workout top to stay fashionable fit?

2. Be realistic when setting your goals


I try to hold off on the idea of me having a six-pack by the summer because (1) I splurge on unhealthy food regularly and (2) I hate abs exercises.

Instead I try to set goals that include numbers.

In 2017 I would like to run half a marathon (21km, yikes) and I would like to do at least one pull-up. Are these realistic goals? Yes, because I’ve already ran 16 km before and one pull-up should be fine.

3. Find motivation


Motivating yourself is really hard when you have absolutely no desire of working out. Being motivated and staying motivated is different for everyone. Find ways whether it’s stalking fitness accounts on Instagram (works for me) or working out with a friend.

4. Have fun with it


Working out was a big adjustment for me and in the long run I started to enjoy the sporty high after a kickass workout. Bottom line, don’t force it and do what you want. Don’t let working out become something that wears you down. Find what you like and start from there.

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