I vowed that I would not shop for at least a month after my splurge at Dries Van Noten (see last week’s blogpost). However, I made the honest mistake of browsing Monki’s and Asos’ website and I ended up buying one or two or three items.




Monki top – Stylenanda trousers – Zara shoes

To be fair, I’ve been eyeing these pair of trousers by Stylenanda for quite a while now and they happened to be on sale. I admit that I should have resisted the temptation. I should have walked away but in the end I caved.

I talked myself into it and eventually hit the ‘add to cart’ button.

And then Monki came along. If there is one brand that suits me the best, it would be Monki. Monki will always have a soft spot in my heart. From crazy printed dresses to casual tops, Monki offers a wide range of clothing. This pajama top for instance. Would you have guessed that it came from Monki? Do you understand why this brand is freakin’ great? I rest my case




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