Dries Van Noten Bomber Jacket


Dries Van Noten. Anyone who is remotely familiar with the fashion scene probably knows Dries Van Noten. His designs have attracted many fans including Rihanna and Michelle Obama. Born and still living in Belgium, Dries Van Noten is one the most successful designers that Belgium has to offer. I pass his curated store fronts on a daily basis on my way to work. I resisted the urge to go in to his store until this bright yellow jacket from his SS17 collection called out to me.





Dries Van Noten bomber jacket – H&M top – Zara shoes and trousers

Dries Van Noten is known for its printed and high quality fabrics. His designs are great. Better than great actually but never really my thing. Dries knows how to design for a certain type of people that can actually afford his designs and I’m definitely not his target audience. Until I passed this golden vibrant bomber jacket from his SS17 collection.

I immediately thought to myself that it does not hurt to check out the jacket, right?

To actually feel the fabric and possibly to try jacket in the store. Nothing wrong with that when I have no intention of buying it. WRONG. Next thing I know, the sales clerk was calling the customer who had the last size small on hold, asking if she still wants it. Long story short, I walked out of there proud as a hippo with my new bomber in my hands.


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