Monica Travels: Two reasons why you should go to Macao


For those of you who do not know Macao, I don’t blame you. Macao is on the South coast of Asia and pretty well known as a getaway for Chinese people. It’s also known as a casino Walhalla for people who want a taste of luck. Like many Asian countries, Macao is also a region of two extremes and I got the opportunity to check out what the real deal was in Macao.


  1. Affordable Luxury Hotels feat. The Parisian

As a region known as a casino Walhalla, Macao offers the full experience. From crazy architecture to replicas of infamous European cities, Macao has the most crazy luxury hotels. Known as the Asian Las Vegas, it’s impossible to comprehend how they have built the gigantic hotels in a short period of time.

The Sands group, developer of luxury resorts and also the group that built the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas is the prominent player in the hotel game in Macao. With the Venetian as one of the most famous hotel in Macao, they have recently opened its newest hotel built after Paris, the Parisian.


As a Chinese living in Europe who has travelled to Paris many times, you might think that I would not even flinch at the sight of Paris.

But the whole idea of seeing Paris in Macao was so mind boggling that I could not help but feel utterly excited when the Eifel Tower was right in front of me. That’s right people. Macao even has its very own Eifel Tower and you can go all the way to the top! If you are a fan of clean modern minimalist style then the Parisian might be up your alley! Definitely worth staying at!

Ruins of St. Paul
  1. Authentic Macao

If luxury hotels are not your thing, you can still stay on the other side of the bridge where you will meet authentic Macao with a Portuguese twist. Having been a colony of Portugal until 1999, the Macao streets are filled with Portuguese elements! From visiting the Ruins of St. Paul to eating egg tarts, the authentic side of Macao offers its European charm with a Macao twist.


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  • Haha, toen wij er vorig jaar waren, was de Eiffeltoren nog in volle constructie. Crazy daar, maar een echte must do! 🙂

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