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Just like sports, blogging is all about improving yourself and overcoming challenges that gets thrown at you. Just like sports, blogging has stiff competition and people may want to bring you down. Just like sports survival of the fittest and rivalry exists in the blogging world. How do we bloggers survive in a world where thousands of us are trying to achieve the same thing?



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Photos by Anouk

Let’s get real: the blogger world can be a rough world. It’s no secret that more and more people start blogging and it’s no secret that you have to try hard to stay on top of your blogging game. Bloggers can be vicious. From backstabbing to gossiping, it’s hard to find a blogger buddy who you trust completely and who you can count on.

While I make it seem like it’s a bad bad world, there are hardships and you need a (blogger) friend who makes you stay grounded and motivates/inspires you.

Blogging can be very lonely. I remember the first time I started blogging, it was awkwardness to the max! Not knowing anyone, forcing yourself to socialize, trying not to look like the lonely blogger… these are the blogger problems we face in the beginning.

But if you stick through, it only gets better and better. I know a handful of bloggers who one by one have become my actual friends and with whom I hang out without having to take pictures for our blogs (shout out to Anouk, Julie & Astrid). Every time I talk to any one of them I get more and more motivated to keep blogging because that’s what positive people in the blogger world do: we motivate each other, we help each other without any ulterior motives and best of all, we inspire each other.

To the world we might look like rivals but in the end we got each other’s back

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  • Dat is zo waar!! Het heeft mij al zo veel mooie momenten bezorgd, maar inderdaad is er ook veel rivaliteit en dat vind ik echt zo jammer! Uiteindelijk hebben toch allemaal hetzelfde doel voor ogen?! Toch?!
    X, Eline

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