Spring Sprang Sprung


During a rare occasion in April, Spring has sprung and I actually had to leave my trusty old camel coat at home and bring out shoes that requires no socks. What’s that called again? Oh right, sandals!


Vintage hat – Monki shirt and trousers – Zara shoes

Photos by Anouk

I forgot how great it felt leaving my home wearing no coat! Even though I am a firm believer of wearing layers upon layers, sometimes it feels great to leave that heavy load at home!

The reason why I love layering is because I feel that I excel at it. And what’s the use of having 2234234 in my closet if I cannot layer it with my 2984723048 sweaters?

However, less is more and with warm temperatures like these, you might discover a whole new style side of me!

I know that Zara is receiving extreme criticism for copying designers but I cannot help but being honest. These pair of heeled sandals look a lot like Dries Van Noten sandals from 3 or 4 seasons ago and that’s simply the reason why I bought them… I know, I’m bad but I caved in for look-a-like designer sandals that I could not get my hands on two years ago because they were sold out in my size… I just went for option B.

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