Honest by.


When it comes fair fashion, I am probably one of the last persons to tell you that you should be aware of where your clothing and fabrics that they are made out of comes from. With my history of shopping in Zara and H&M, I am definitely not your go-to girl to take advice from concerning fair and eco fashion. I can, however, introduce you to a Belgian brand that is 100% transparent. Meet Honest By.






Honest by. Bruno Pieters shirt – Zara trousers – H&M shoes

Honest By. is not a stranger on this blog. I’ve featured them a couple of times (here and here) because they are not only a local and Belgian brand but they are also the first 100% transparent company. Basically, you know where every piece of fabric comes from.

With that being said, the clothing are stylishly eco-friendly.

I’ve been eyeing this particular boxy shirt for quite a while now. I was never 100% convinced to buy it because first of all, moneywise, I’m broke. Second, moneywise, I’m broke. But when stocksales hit Antwerp last week, this shirt was on sale. It was still a bit over my budget but I make exceptions for fair fashion.

The shirt has a severe Japanese high school uniform vibe to it. Since Japanese fashion was my first love, I bought the shirt, taking me back to the reason why I fell in love with Japanese streetstyle in the first place!


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